Las Vegas: Dim Sum at Zine

har gow

I’m still on the “there must be good Asian food on the Strip” search. This led me to Zine at the Palazzo in search of dim sum. As it turned out, the menu had about 9 dim sum items like the usual har gow, siu mai and chicken feet. The rest of the menu was comprised of noodles (soup, Vietnamese and fried), congee, Chef’s specials, clay pot and sides. We decided to get har gow, siu mai, oven-roasted duck (the other duck we wanted, the Chiu Chow spiced duck was apparently a cold dish) and crab E-fu noodles.

har gow


I’m a real stickler to traditional dim sum. While the har gow was okay, I felt the shape of the har gow dumplings were all wrong. It tasted fine though.

oven roasted duck


Since the duck was oven roasted, we didn’t get the crispy skin usually found on Peking ducks.  However, it was pretty good and went well with the noodles.

Crab E-fu noodles


I have always loved the shape of E-fu noodles. These were cut and a bit soft. The dish could have used some more Chinese leeks but there was plenty of crab. I realized later I was missing a veggie dish to have the perfect balanced Chinese meal. Good thing I got plenty the night before at Blue Ribbon sushi.

If I came back, I’d skip the dim sum and try the clay pot and Chef’s specialties. It was pricey so the dream of finding the perfect cheap Chinese meal on the Strip is still a pipedream.


Zine Noodles Dim Sum at The Palazzo

3325 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89109 — (702) 607-2220
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