Las Vegas: Blue Ribbon Sushi

sake at Blue Ribbon

Although I stayed at the Cosmopolitan in January, I felt I didn’t get to try all the restaurants there as we ate the Henry every day of my stay there (not by my choice). I have always wanted to try Blue Ribbon Sushi. I remember walking by it when I was in New York and had heard it was very good. I had eaten at the Blue Ribbon Grill and was very impressed. I sent friends to the sushi restaurant on just a strong hunch it’d be as wonderful as the Grill.

shishito peppers

We started off with shishito peppers and sake. It was good way to begin winding down from an exciting day at Speed Rack Las Vegas.


We ordered a mixed sushi and sashimi combo to share. It included a roll so we opted for spicy tuna. To supplement, we also ordered uni (sea urchin) and roe. While the fish was very good, I have had better. Still, I liked the space. It was dark, loungey and service was very on top of it.

Chinese broccoli with garlic

I had a feeling the next few nights would be veggie-deprived so I ordered Chinese broccoli. The garlic chips were a nice touch.

I would love to come back to try more of the cooked items. I have a feeling some of them would be stellar. The sushi is great but I would find out the next day that if I wanted really great raw fish, I should have gone next door to Milos.

Blue Ribbon Sushi at The Cosmopolitan

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89109 — (702) 698-7000
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