Las Vegas: The Henry at the Cosmopolitan

Reuben with truffled tater tots at the Henry


With dining in Las Vegas, there are almost endless options just in one hotel alone. At the Cosmoplitan, a few weeks back, my friends found themselves at the Henry a few times and I went twice myself.  The first day, I had lunch and ordered the Reuben with truffled tater tots and a salad.

The Hentry Salad


The sandwich came with enough pastrami and sauerkraut but it was no Langer’s.  And the tots were no Bar | Kitchen. Still, it was precisely what I needed after a night on the town in Vegas.  The dressing on the salad was a bit too tart on my ahem, delicate stomach. Otherwise, I would have enjoyed it. Service was really nice.

short ribs eggs benedict

Huevos Rancheros

It was a different story the next day where I felt we were being rushed. Halfway through our meal, our server plopped down the bill unceremoniously and then a bit later reached over me as I was still eating to grab an empty plate without so much as a word. Later, we saw we were charged for two teas when one was ordered. She explained she didn’t like telling people they get charged for teabags and not hot water– when you ask for a refill. So, she was the uncommunicative sort. The manager took care of the extra teabag charge but was fairly rude about it later saying it was expensive tea. Well, not really. No tea they serve is really worth $10 (or $5 a tea bag).

This experience really put me off of the Henry. Sure, the girls liked their food. That short ribs eggs benedict disappeared quickly and while I would have liked a heartier Huevos Rancheros, it was good. As I  mentioned, there are endless options. Next time I’m getting sushi upstairs or gasp, leave the Cosmo.


The Henry at The Comopolitan of Las Vegas

3700 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 – (702) 698-7000