Brooklyn: The Bar at El Moderno

El Moderno

I should have probably been warned off by the awning boldly proclaiming “Mexican style food” as I am from LA and why would I try Mexican food in New York? As it happens, we were not there for the food. We were seeking a bar and the restaurant wasn’t very busy during Mother’s Day. We thought we’d run in, get a couple of shots and then run back to the party we were at around the corner but we were charmed to stay for a while.

Brunch specials

Brunch is served both Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5PM. And $3 beer and margaritas from 3 to 7PM. Not sure what the loco $10 is for but it comes with a free cocktail! Yet, it seems like the specialty at El Modern are the frozen margaritas. They have this really cool drum style machine. Did laybacks happen? Possibly.

bar at El Moderno

kind of love the “mojito” variations

After looking over their selection, we decided Jameson was our shot of choice.

guest bartender Irene from Las Vegas


I was with Irene from Lynyrd Skynyrd in Las Vegas. She asked permission to pour our second (or was it our third?) shots. We would like to thank Katharine and El Moderno for allowing a bunch of runaway bartenders and writers from MCC for taking over their bar.

mural outside of El Moderno

El Moderno

519 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211 — (718) 384-6429
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