Patina at the Hollywood Bowl

strawberry basil cocktail

One of my favorite summer activities is to go to the Hollywood Bowl. Although I like to make my own picnic basket, sometimes you get so busy that it’s just easier to order something. And it couldn’t be easier than picking up something at the Bowl or having it delivered to your box (if you happen to have box seats).  Patina handles the catering at the Bowl and this summer they’re featuring soju cocktails from Paul Sanguinetti. Paul is the sommelier and barsmith at Ray’s & Stark Bar where I’ve tried all his cool cocktails these past few months.

We started with the Strawberry Basil, a variation of his basil-mint libation. It was very refreshing and the sparkling water in the drink went well with the salad we got with our Dandelion picnic basket. The basket also included country-style potato salad, honey-stung fried chicken and fresh strawberries and cream.

organic mixed greens with balsamic dressing

If you didn’t order 24 hours in advance, you can still get something to eat at the Bowl. The other options include the Rooftop Grill which features grilled steaks and fresh seafood. Or there are three grab-and-go locations to make your impromptu basket on the spot. You can get sausages and burgers from Staccato. Market Cafe has cheese plates, entrees and sandwiches. Market West offers Asian-inspired dishes. All three have beer and wine.


honey-stung fried chicken


I love fried chicken and this was still very warm when we got it. But there’s also nothing better than cold fried chicken sometimes.

ginger mint mojito


We couldn’t resist not trying another cocktail. We went for the ginger mint mojito. It was very admirable to see our server running around with these cocktail glasses made of real glass.

potato salad


My BFF is a potato salad connoisseur and we both really enjoyed the country-style potato salad.

chicken sandwich


At some point, it was getting dim and I wanted to hurry our meal along so I came up with a sandwich. Our basket included really great rolls so I stuffed them with the chicken and salad. It made the perfect sub to nosh on in the growing darkness.

raspberry cucumber martini


Our last cocktail was the raspberry cucumber martini. I am happy to share the following recipe:


Raspberry Cucumber Martini

  • 3 oz. Soju
  • 3/4 oz. Lime Juice
  • 4-5 Fresh Local Raspberries
  • 3 slices of cucumber

Muddle raspberries and cucumber with other ingredients in a shaker tin.  Ice and shake vigorously for 8-10 seconds.  Strain into chilled cocktail coupe.  Garnish with slice of fresh cucumber.

And we ended the night with our fresh strawberries and cream.

Hollywood Bowl at Night


I can’t wait to go to the Hollywood Bowl again.


Patina at the Hollywood Bowl

Reservations recommended for Rooftop Grill: 323-850-1885

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