Koreatown: Moon Daepo BBQ

banchan at Moon Daepo 2

There was a time in my life I used to go to Korean BBQ at least once a month. These days it’s usually twice a year, around Thanksgiving and Christmas when some of my extended family is in town. There’s something primal and satisfying about KBBQ. I love trying new meats and different places have their own marinades and other special touches. Some offer “rice paper,” a large flat rice noodle for wrapping your BBQ’d meat or some have simple greens.

When I saw Marian the Foodie was heading out to KBBQ, I made her take me along. She introduced me to Moon Daepo 2, a smallish restaurant north of the main K-town. There are price levels; $9.99, $15.99 and $19.99– all you can eat. Higher priced options gave you different cuts of meat. We settled for the mid-range $15.99 which included the lettuces.


various meats

We got the usual suspects; pork belly, short ribs and then I really wanted to try the gizzards. Be warned that small dish has a lot of gizzards! I liked the marinade. I like to grill the non-marinated meats first but Moon Daepo was good about changing our grill whenever it got too blackened.

galbi (short ribs)

The best was probably the galbi (short ribs). It came on the bone with the meat rolled up.

cutting up the pork belly

I wanted to try more cuts but after the pork belly (surprisingly not that fatty) and so many rounds of banchan, I was ready to throw in the towel. My stomach is just not used to all-you-can-eat anymore. But I still tried and my distended stomach that night proved it was worth it.

lettuce wraps



A word on how to combat the KBBQ bloat? A shot of Fernet-Branca topped with Angostura (1 oz Fernet, .5 oz Angostura) did the trick when I got home.

But I’m sorry, I don’t know how to prevent your hair and clothes from smelling. So enjoy the efforts of your KBBQ night.

Moon Daepo BBQ 2

478 N Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004 — (323) 465-6707

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