Mid-Wilshire Get-Away for Museums LA: LACMA, CAFAM & Hotel Wilshire

The Roof at the Hotel Wilshire


Beginning today, you can book a hotel through Discover Los Angeles and save a bunch. A bunch you say? Yes, like $450! You get to explore LA’s world class museums. A great visit could include a stay at Hotel Wilshire which features a great rooftop bar and Chef Eric Greenspan runs the dining for The Roof. And then you can visit nearby museums such as LACMA and Craft and Folk Art Museum.

When you book at least 2 nights, you will receive two passes good for 30 participating museums as well as discounts to their shops. This promotion is good until November 11.

I did a mini staycation and stayed at the Hotel Wilshire and did just that.

Hotel Wilshire


My room was amazing. I had a view of Wilshire Boulevard without any of the noise! I slept really soundly. I loved my room and would recommend this to friends any time. For more pictures of my room, check out my flickr set.

Or check out the other participating hotels. Where would you like to be for your home base?


Levitated Mass at LACMA


Although I frequent LACMA quite a bit for various films, live music and of course Ray’s & Stark Bar, I had yet to actually see the big outdoor installation, Levitated Mass. Like many Angelenos, I watched the twitter feed for the slow-speed journey to LA. The “big rock” sits atop a walkway. Don’t worry, it’s earthquake retrofitted so no chance of it rolling away. For more LACMA pics, check out my flickr set. I had no idea what else I was missing!


from the LA Skin & Ink exhibit at CAFAM

One of the many museums I always wanted to visit in LA is the Craft and Folk Art Museum. Being an artist, I love design and since I used to teach crafts, I always thought this would be my happy place. It turned out it was! CAFAM features a monthly Etsy crafts night and their latest exhibit, LA Skin & Ink was fantastic. I got a sneak peek and what was even better was how the exhibit was tied specifically to LA.

We learned about sailors getting tattoos on shore leave in Long Beach, the black and gray style echoing ones done “in the joint” (prison) and how Ed Hardy really was an innovator of the artform. For those who want to experience what it’s like to sit in a tattoo shop chair, there’s a sample you can try out. Be sure to look at your arms! You may end up with a “sleeve.”

recreated tattoo shop


This recreated tattoo shop features several “flashes” or the pictures of tattoo ideas on the wall. I remember when I was about 18 or so, my friend asked me if I would get a tattoo with her. I still haven’t found anything I would want on my body forever but she said the shops had all these books of designs. Yes, they do and now I know the ones they display on the walls are part of sets called flashes.

Naturally there were photographs of tattoos but what I found more fascinating where a lot of tattoo artists were also fine artists. There were some really great paintings as well. Check out my flickr set for more. And don’t forget to check out the museum shop. CAFAM has consistently won awards for the best museum shop.

If you’re coming to LA or ready for a staycation, this is a great way to discover Los Angeles.


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