SF: Ramen at Katana-Ya

fried chicken


While in SF over Labor Day weekend, we decided to go for something simple. I’m always down for ramen and had heard about this great place called Katana-Ya. It has a cult following and a long, long line. Thinking it’d be worth it, we waited about 30 minutes for a table.

spicy tofu ramen

My friend had the spicy tofu ramen though I had trouble deciding what to get.

mabo tofu ramen


I eventually ended up with the mabo ramen though I really should never order this anywhere. I’m never happy with it over noodles. The bits of precious ground pork slip into the soup and I never finish all the soup. Note to Minty Brain, please just order mabo tofu rice next time. And give in to ordering a special ramen with gyoza instead.

Katana-Ya was indeed filling but I like my noodles just a bit more al dente. Our fried chicken was a tasty way to start and I’d probably go back just for the people watching alone.

We got mochi ice cream (not shown) at the end and concluded a good night with more cocktails down the street at Rio Grande.



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