SF: Lunch with Namu and 4505 Meats

San Francisco


I missed the Ferry Building the last time I was in SF over Fourth of July weekend so I made sure I went this past Labor Day Weekend.


coveted produce of the day

I just love looking at all the produce. I asked my friend if we could buy stuff next time so we could actually cook instead of eating out all the time. Look for Minty Cooks in SF the next time I’m up there.

Namu fries


But when I usually go to the Farmers Market, I know I’ll be going to a street vendor or two. I generally like Namu. I still think about the fun bowl of ramen I had last year as well as their Korean tacos and loco moco.

When I saw the gamja fries, I knew they’d go perfectly with the pork lao burger I ordered from 4505 Meats next stall over. Kimchi on anything is good. You got to pick which meat to top it with so I went with bulgogi (beef). It’s like Korean disco fries.

They were also doing shaved ice that day. That sounded good but we ended up going to Scream for sorbet.

4505 Meats – pork lao burger with fried egg


Ooh. Oooh. Ooooooh. What to get? The menu had basically everything I wanted.

I somewhat regret not getting the Frank-a-roni which is a gruyere mac and cheese with bacon bits, hot dog and deep fried. You could add this to your sandwich and add a fried egg making a monstrous Frankenstein like creation.

I opted for the pork lao burger with fried egg. I loved all the fresh herbs and the egg did really add a nice silkiness to the otherwise dry patty.

Scream flavors


If you can’t or won’t go for booze while lunching, I suggest getting a scoop of the lime mint from Scream. It tasted exactly like a well-made mojito. I also liked the pistachio and strawberry lemon.

poet at the Ferry Building


Bonus! The entertainment is amazing between watching the water, the people and the street performers. There was a poet typing out poems for folks. Now I know what to do with that old typewriter…

The Ferry Building

1 Ferry Bldg., San Francisco, CA 94111