SF: Lunch at the Ferry Building

When I was last in San Francisco, I was enchanted by the Ferry Building and its Farmers Market. We’re supposed to be getting something similar for the Dining Deck at the Santa Monica Place but until then, SF is just a short plane ride away. You just want to buy stuff and start cooking. But alas we were on vacation and admiring the produce and wares would all we could do.

I still haven’t figured out what those green plants are in the last photo. Aloe?

It was a drizzly day but it didn’t stop me from enjoying a few oysters from Hog Island.

Korean Ramen from Namu

I had liked Namu’s Korean tacos the last time I was at the Ferry Building. Now they occasionally have Korean ramen. When they do, they have 50 bowls. I was slurping up some oysters when we heard Namu yell out had ONE BOWL LEFT. Uh oh! I ran over (fortunately it was the next booth) and I got the very last bowl. If you recall, it was raining so I managed to slosh soup all over my hands as I carried it to the nearest table.

revealing the noodles

This bowl of ramen featured pork belly, kimchi, beansprouts, fresh greens, seaweed, soft-boiled egg, and deep-fried noodles. While I liked the different texture, I also found them unwieldy to eat. I decided I like the less-wild, thinner, al dente Japanese ramen more. But it’s a fun bowl and it was nice to enjoy it while looking out into the foggy market.

More pics from the Ferry Building.