SF Ferry Building Farmers Market

You might wonder why anyone on vacation would go to a Farmers Market? I certainly wasn’t planning on doing any cooking. But I love farmers’ markets. All the wild produce, the fun products and the entertainment factor from people watching.

Roli Roti

But I also had another reason. The food! At the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, there are a number of cooked food vendors as well as some great restaurants inside the Ferry Building. I had asked about food trucks before going to San Francisco and almost everyone said I needed to seek out the Roli Roti truck. It seems they visit only farmers’ markets and they are most famous for their porchetta sandwich. Fortunately, they serve this sandwich at the Ferry Building market.

I actually didn’t think the line for Roli Roti was that long but I was even luckier when a friend, the Dapper Diner, waited in line for these precious sandwiches. I walked by to hear them say they’d be out for 45 minutes. The groans instantly filled the air.

Unwrapping this monster sandwich, I was glad to have Carina to share it with me. There’s no way we could continue the day of overindulgence if we each ate one of these things. I did think this sandwich could do with a bit of crunch (pickled onions, maybe) and some mustard (whole grain, please). Otherwise, if you like your porky pork oink oink, this is the sammie for you.

I adored all the colors of bell peppers I saw this day. I had never seen such dark purple ones or almost fluorescent yellow ones.

I’ve cooked fava beans before and they’re a lot of work but I wish I had time to try out these red ones!

The Imperial Tea Court sold small snacks outside its tea shop inside the Ferry Building. This organic egg was cooked in organic tea. For only $2, it was a steal. I thought the flavor was subtle and lovely.

Namu's Korean Tacos

Namu's Loco Moco

I hadn’t really been curious about the Korean tacos at Namu. I thought I’ve had my fair share of K tacos but these were different because instead of tortillas, the toppings were served with seaweed. The flavors are very familiar and probably something I’d whip up at home as I have a penchant for seaweed. I thought the loco moco needed…spam. Yep, it didn’t have any spam.

The Dapper Diner told us the story behind 4505 Meats. Something about how we should really get a burger and try their chicharrones. Well, you may recall I tend to avoid skin as much as possible. But a burger? Sure, sign me up.

My cousins also ordered the maple sausage bacon breakfast sandwich and lamb sausage. What I loved was you could add egg to anything for a buck more.

I could see why SF foodies love this place. I’d be here at least once a week too if I lived in SF!

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