Quince, My Fave SF Meal

Our goal for going to San Francisco nearly 2 weeks ago was to visit Chez Panisse. Along the way, we went to a few different restaurants where there was a Chez Panisse connection, whether it was explicit or not. As it turned out, Michael Tusk, owner and chef of Quince worked at Chez Panisse.

We arrived after cocktails at Comstock one Saturday evening and the kitchen was busy cooking for both Quince and the more rustic Cotogna next door.

Floridita Daiquiri

At some point during the meal, I was reflecting back on what I had eaten at Chez Panisse the evening before and what I was consuming that moment. While I appreciated my CP meal and all that Alice Waters has done and continues to do, I couldn’t help but admit my meal at Quince was my favorite meal that weekend.

amuse bouche- big eye tuna

amuse bouche- salsify veloute

Since we had done  the tasting menu the evening before, we decided to just order a few dishes to share. It was very nice of the restaurant to automatically split the plates for us.

Willet Farm Artichoke Salad with farro and burrata

After I had a cocktail (Floridita Daiquiri), we were given two amuse bouches; a scoop of diced big eye tuna and a shot of salsify veloute. Both were marvelous. The fish was firm and tangy and the soup was so very smooth.

Delta Crawfish with Sonoma Coast wild mushroom, chickweed and cipollini onion

We ordered two small plates to start. The evening before, we had spotted the most perfect bowl of artichokes and it was buzzing around in my head I needed to have artichoke. This burrata salad with farro and the cutest baby artichoke was a great way to kick off our meal. However, I loved the crawfish salad more. I pined, I yearned, I wished for more than the two delicate bites and the greatest little salad that came with this dish.

Tagliolini with smoked eel and fava beans

We immediately picked out the pasta we wanted to try. The Tagliolini with smoked eel and fava beans sounded excellent. And it was. I started to really wish I was hungrier so I could have more than the elegant bundle in front of me.

Atlantic Cod with celery root, Meyer lemon and black truffle

I was starting to feel very full though between the great bread, another cocktail and was very glad we ordered the Atlantic cod as our final course. I was very enthusiastic the fish was cooked perfectly and the black truffles enhanced all the flavors like crazy.

American Classico

Yet somehow we were convinced to have dessert. Full, schmull. It’s time for a Meyer Lemon Tart!

Meyer Lemon Tart

This lemon tart was unlike any I’ve ever had before. I really enjoyed the candied thinly-sliced Meyer lemons. And for once, the fluffy cream didn’t bother me (I am not normally a whipped cream fan). This was more like a meringue.


I’m not the only one in love with Quince. I ran into Aaron Inman of Romililly Wines at Quince.

A great sense of happiness descended upon me. I haven’t been so excited about a meal since going to Test Kitchen or Wolvesmouth. It was very inspiring.

Quince Restaurant

470 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco – (415) 775-8500