SF: Menudo at Gallardos



On my last day in SF, I really wanted soup. Although mostly sunny over Labor Day weekend, it was typically blustery and cold. I thought a nice bowl of menudo would do the trick. My friend wanted pozole and with that in mind, we decided to go to Gallardos where she said had her favorite pozole.

carne asada taco


Although I’m perfectly happy with an one-bowl meal, I do like having a little nibble on the side. We also got tacos. I remembered SF tends towards ginormous tacos and kept it at one pork taco for me. My friend had carne asada. I liked hers better. My pork was a bit tough and fell apart easily.

pork taco

fixings the soups

One of the most exciting things about being an interactive eater is getting to garnish your own bowl of soup. Gallardos provided onion, cilantro and limes as well as seasoning.



The pozole was good with huge chunks of meat on the bone. Funny enough though I love pork the most (of land animals), I tend towards chicken pozole because nothing is more upsetting than tough pork. I warily tried my friend’s pork pozole and found it actually tender. Which then made me wonder why my taco was so tough. Ah well, this was a sign I should have gotten a different taco…or birria.


Here we go! Offal time! I investigated my bowl and found the amount of tripe satisfactory. Which means there was quite a bit of it. Along with other offal. It did have the “perfume” of offal so I do suggest the pozole if you can’t stomach it (see what I did there? punny).


We were so full but they only make flan a few times of a week so we of course had to get it. This flan had the texture closer to cheesecake. It was so..chewy.  Not bad per se but unexpected. It was deliciously sweet but not overly so.



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