The Churchill Celebrates Their 1-Year Anniversary Tonight With $6 Cocktails


The Churchill recently revamped their food and bar menu with new Executive Chef Bruce Kalman and “Barlady” Mia Sarazen. I checked out the new offerings last week but before I get into that, you might want to check out the cocktails tonight. After 10 PM, all the cocktails be half-priced and KCRW DJ Jason Bentley will be spinning tunes starting at 11PM.

The Grand Alliance

One of my favorite cocktails is a Negroni. Mia does a spin on it with the Grand Alliance (Plymouth gin, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, Campari, Maraschino). For those who find Campari too bitter, they may like this one as the maraschino sweetens it. It’s worth a try at $6 tonight.

shishito peppers

I love shishito peppers. They did come with a warning it’s later in their season and as the season continues, they get spicier. These are done with cilantro, lime and sea salt. So much healthier than potato chips but like chips, you can’t stop with just one. Even when you hit multiple spicy ones in a row.

cheese plate

We tried the Truffle Tremor goat cheese, Hopscotch cheddar and another goat cheese, Glacier. I couldn’t decide which goat cheese I liked more so I’m glad we got both. The cheddar is the same cheddar Churchill uses in their burger. It’s a mild cheddar and went well with all the pickled veggies.

charcuterie plate

And you can’t have cheese without cured meats. We tried the house pancetta, duck proscuitto and guanciale. My favorite was the duck proscuitto. I loved the pickled yellow tomato! I was actually thinking it was a peach slice (it is slightly dark at the Churchill) but was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it was a tomato.

The Statesman

I was having a tough time choosing a cocktail. They all sounded great. I ended up getting The Statesman this round. With Famous Grouse Scotch, apricot, lemon, baked apple bitters and sparkling, this cocktail was great with the meat and cheese plates.

Duck sausage pizza

It’s always fun to find a place that does wood-fired pizzas. This may be the first time I had figs and honey on my pizza. We got the duck sausage that had black mission figs, goat cheese and honey. This combo was awesome. I’d also be interested in the Farmhouse which sounds like a salad on a pizza plus eggs.

beets with crispy goat cheese

I love beet salads and Chef Kalman came up with an even better one with crispy goat cheese (can you see me dancing in goat cheese yet?). I am slightly lactose intolerant so it’s always nice to get goat cheese which is much gentler on me. The beets are simply dressed with saba, an aged balsamic.

Passenger Side

I also tried the Passenger Side cocktail. I loved the name. With orgeat, lemon, house bitters this drink with Bulleit bourbon seems like the sort of drink you’d enjoy on a warm December day on the beach. Someone send me to Hawaii or Australia. I want to confirm my suspicions.

pork cheeks

My favorite dish of the night was a special on the menu that evening, pork cheeks with chicharron. The super tender cheeks were balanced with pickled veg on the soft crostini and topped with the pork rind. It was a nice appetizer for two.

10 Hour Beef Short Ribs

Chef Kalman has mastered getting short ribs tender but still flavorful. The 10-hour beef short ribs were great. I did think the carrots were too crunchy though. But admittedly I don’t like carrots and if I do eat them, they must be absolutely mushy in stews.

apple and bacon upside down cake

When I spotted the apple and bacon upside down cake, the devil popped on my shoulder shouting at me to order it. The usual virtuous non-dessert eating angel kept mum. I’m really glad I tried this cake. I had to break my 3-bite dessert rule and gobbled the whole damn thing down.

Chocolate budino

We also tried the chocolate budino with olive oil and white truffle salt. I liked it but I loved the apple and bacon upside down cake more. I’m debating going tonight just for dessert and cocktails.

The Churchill

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