Long Beach: Food Crawling All Over the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary

My parents were the sort of people that loved going to events, attractions, street festivals and the like. I remember every summer, we’d make a pilgrimage from Valencia (Magic Mountain) to San Diego (SD Zoo). Along the way, we would go to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I have photos of myself being held by my grandfather as a chubby cheeked toddler with the iconic orange and black striped smokestacks in the background.

It’s been a few years since I was last on the ship. I was last there with a friend who gave an unofficial ghost tour. Although many flock to the Queen Mary during Halloween, it’s pretty spooky anytime. We met the Captain who mentioned a time he and his wife were staying on the ship. She left to get coffee in the morning and when he heard a noise, he thought it was her returning and he called out to her. He heard a distinctly creepy voice and a cold breath near his ear. Needless to say he forgot the coffee and went straight to wine that morning.

With that sad, it’s generally not scary other times. Just don’t find yourself alone. Take a group when you food crawl on the ship like I did!

cocktails at Queen Mary

I got there a bit late so sadly, I missed the cocktails and canapes at the Observation Bar but I took a quick peek and I loved the 1930s art deco bar. I did head over to the Chelsea Chowder House for chowder and more.

corn & clam chowder soups

I’m pretty picky about my clam chowder (chowdah!) but I’m even pickier about corn chowder. Chelsea served up the chowder in adorable mini teacups. I did like the corn. It was very thick and a good warm-up to the onslaught of food coming our way.

part I- fish of the fish and chips

part II- chips of the fish and chips


Who ever thought of fish and chips served as fish fingers and a cocktail glass of fries is genius. Very cool presentation. And since we had so much food coming, it was nice to get to sample the fish without having to have a big piece.

short ribs


The Chelsea Chowder House is known for their short ribs. The meat was so tender, I almost forgot to chew. But I did, I don’t want to join the spirits on board…forever.


crab cake slider


But back to the seafood. The lobster was great with the meat being perfectly cooked. I could have done without the slider part of the crab cake– preferring just the crab itself. But I’m not a big bread person. I do have to say the buns kept this as finger food which is good for a party.

view of Long Beach from the Queen Mary


After our chowder, we lingered outside for a while to enjoy the views (and to partially digest!). It was time to hit our next stop, Sir Winston’s.

Lobster bisque at Sir Winston’s


In the formal dining room of Sir Winston’s, we started off with glasses of wine and lobster bisque.

Beef Wellington at Sir Winston’s


Sir Winston’s is known for their Beef Wellington which is also the captain’s favorite. I went nuts for the scallop. Seafood wins for me all the time.

dessert sampler in the Tea Room


Then for our last stop of the food crawl, we went down to the Tea Room for a dessert sampler. This elegant room made me think of having high tea with a favorite aunt or it’d be great for a bridal shower as well.

Now…to find that baby picture of me at the Queen Mary.

The Queen Mary

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