Boston: Casual Eats at Flour, Clover and Sal’s Pizza

Roast Beef at Flour

The first night I landed in Boston, I had very little time to do more than grab a sandwich before running off to Speed Rack Boston. Although I knew there would be food at Speed Rack, I never know if it’s going to be really heavy appetizers or fight the crowd for a few bites here and there. So I tend to eat before passed appetizer events. As it turned out, they had foie gras from Eastern Standard Kitchen. Oh well! I was full from my roast beef sandwich I got from Flour in Cambridge (Kendall/ MIT). I had asked for no mayo but for some reason, I didn’t get any horseradish either. Overall it was a dry sandwich. If I was thinking clearly (and clearly I was tired from my flight), I would have asked for mustard. Instead, I crammed the whole dry mess with a mess of onion straws down before hitting the town.

Lamb sandwich at Flour

My friend Nick of TreasureMA fared much better than I did. He picked out the lamb sandwich which I had actually eyed but I tend to get different things if someone else really wants it (first rule of food writers- never order the same order). With fresh lettuce and goat cheese to moisten the sandwich, it was a fine sandwich. An admirable sandwich. A shining beacon compared to… oh what? Oh sorry, I got carried away there. It was a fine sandwich.

Flour Bakery & Cafe

190 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139 — (617) 225-2525

a slice from Sal’s Pizza

After Speed Rack, we were heading towards an impromptu after party when I saw Nick disappear into a shop. Since the facade of the building had scaffolding and seemed under construction, I didn’t know where he went off to until I went in and was confronted by lots of pizza pies. Oh! Was I hungry? Well, let’s say the roast beef sandwich I had earlier was a distant memory. Sure, I’ll have a slice. Oh man, the damn “slice” was really two slices. You get a lot of bang for your buck here at Sal’s Pizza.

I was going to go for my usual order at such places- mushroom but they didn’t seem to have any. I was looking around despairingly (so dramatic, I know) when I mumbled hopefully, “spinach?” And the counter guy heroically pointed out the spinach and tomato. Perfecto! Let’s go.

I ate about a slice and 1/4 of the next before I finally couldn’t eat anymore. It’s not that it wasn’t good- it was surprisingly decent but I just don’t eat that much bread. I like thin pizzas and having a sandwich earlier filled my carbs intake of the day.  An unnamed hungry grad student was gifted with my other slice.

Sal’s Pizza

150 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02111 — (617) 227-1010

rosemary fries at Clover

One day, we hit Clover in Harvard Square, Cambridge. I was slightly unprepared for vegetarian lunch but at the same time, after going to as many cocktail weeks and events as I have, a nice flush or detox is good every now and then. Besides, we were going to hit up more seminars at Boston Cocktail Summit and I needed a belly full of veggies… er, fries. Yes, rosemary fries provided a nice layer.

fennel & beet sandwich from Clover

Nick somehow beat me to ordering what I was eying, a chickpea pita so I got the next thing I wanted; the fennel and beet sandwich. I love fennel. I love beets. In a sandwich, it was messy bloody fun.

Chickpea pita from Clover

After I surveyed Nick’s pita, I was slightly glad I didn’t get it. I hate carrots. Really, an atrocious veggie.

But otherwise, the sandwich was good.

Clover started out as a food truck but this is a brick & mortar location. It’s a wide open space, with communal tables, seating upstairs and a friendly at the door order system. You pick up your food and if you like, a pack of crayons to color the but I think my beet red juices were enough.

Clover Food Lab

7 Holyoke St., Cambridge, MA 02138

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