SGV: Noodles & Dumplings at Mama Lu’s

juicy soup dumplings (XLBs)  at Mama Lu’s

Recently I’ve been asked where is the best place for xiao long baos (juicy soup dumplings) and though I’m still  on the hunt, I do think Mama Lu’s is pretty good. I’ve written about them before but I realize that meal might have been far from basic.

scallion pancake


So you’re at a Chinese place but you got a hankering for bread. Well then, scallion pancakes may be the answer. With layers of sweet scallions and flaky pastry-like delight, this will satisfy your carbs craving.

shrimp dumplings

But we were there for the dumplings. We got the shrimp dumplings which I really liked. I created my perfect dunking sauce of soy, vinegar and a bit of spice. Usually I try chili oil first but sometimes I might add a dash of white pepper if they have it.

As for the XLBs or xiao long baos, the juicy soup dumplings were juicy enough with perfect crimping. Nearby Din Tai Fung might draw the crowds but I like coming to Mama Lu’s. The parking is less stressful, you can get a table easily and the dumplings are a little bigger. Win!

pork and pickled vegetables noodles soup


I can’t get away without ordering noodles. I was shocked how much pork and pickled vegetables we got with this noodles soup. Normally the pork is practically non-existent but not this bowl at Mama Lu’s. I’d come back for this alone. Well, and also get some frozen dumplings to go. It’s $10.50 for a bag of 50. It took me over a month to finish off the bag. I’d boil up maybe 5 or 6 at a time.

green beans

We might as well go for some veggies as well. The dry-fried green beans were a good accompaniment to our noodles, dumplings and scallion pancake.

Supposedly Mama Lu supplies dumplings to many nearby SGV restaurants. I’ll have to keep tasting to figure out who has the best then! And if they make their own!


Mama Lu’s

153 E Garvey Ave., Monterey Park, CA 91755 – (626) 307-5700


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