SGV: Spicy Wonton Noodles at Yun Noodle House

Yun Noodle House

Yun Noodle House


I am a noodles fiend and I’ve been dreaming about doing a noodles crawl in this little Arcadia food court ever since the Daikokuya opened. I had eyed the neighboring Yun Noodle House but opted for ramen that day instead of dan dan noodles. I promised I’d go back soon.

Well, it took a while but I did eventually check it out. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in Arcadia at an odd time- way past lunch but too early for dinner. That’s the great thing about food courts though, they’re generally open and there were even other people finishing off bowls of noodles.

cold appetizer combo

cold appetizer combo – seaweed, pig ear, spicy tofu


I spotted the seaweed and knew I wanted some. I’ve been eating more seaweed lately thinking of the powerhouse nutrients it provides. You can’t apparently just get one appetizer though so I also got pig’s ear and spicy tofu. The latter was recommended by the counter woman. And she was right, the tofu was great. This later led to me buying a couple of different spicy bean pastes in hopes of recreating the dish.

spicy wonton and braised pork noodles

spicy wonton and stewed pork noodles


I didn’t get dan dan noodles this time but wanted something hot and soupy since it was a rainy day. I spotted the spicy wontons and stewed pork noodles. The wontons weren’t like the ones I’m used to at Cantonese places. These seemed shaped more like tortellini and had a minimal amount of ground meat which I assumed was pork. Despite its fiery appearance, the soup wasn’t actually very spicy. It was a probably a good thing since a hot broth would have made everything too spicy for me to eat. I happily finished my bowl and gazed at the other spots in this food court. A noodles festival of my very own may be coming soon.

Yun Noodle House

1220 S Golden W Ave., Ste E, Arcadia, CA 91007  —  (626) 446-1668

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