Silver Lake: Checking Out Black Hogg

buttery lamb burger

buttery lamb burger

Recently a negative review came out for Black Hogg. Basically the review accuses the chef of pumping up his credentials and cites the food as “dude food.” The chef responds here.

I have not particularly enjoyed this critic’s writing in the past but was really outraged with the tone of this review. In case the critic has not noticed, this “dude food” is selling really well and has struck a chord with Silver Lake. There are plenty of other places that serve veggies and it is actually refreshing to see food I want to eat in this neighborhood.

To see my dining partners overwhelmed with joy for the buttery lamb burger– the best burger I had that week– was fun. Yes, the ground lamb also had ground butter in the patty- creating a rather luscious patty. We had a great time on our night out to Black Hogg a few weeks back and here’s a run down on our meal.

popcorn bacon

“popcorn” bacon

Bacon – the phrase “everything taste better with bacon” couldn’t be more true with this “popcorn” bacon dish. I’m a sausage girl over bacon generally and even I could see the appeal of these deep fried hunks of pork belly. It came with a dipping sauce which I didn’t really use, preferring to taste the juicy meat.


9 Lettuces salad

Oh, we had the 9 Lettuces salad too. True, I would not take a vegetarian here. It would not even occur to me. They would have a hard time finding something to eat and I eat veg sometimes as a cuisine. Any place named Black Hogg (or Animal for that matter) should probably live up to its name.

The salad? Delicious.


mussels in white wine

I pretty much order mussels everywhere I go. Some people decry the use of pork in everything but it really does make everything delicious. The lardon and white wine broth could have been drunk straight with a spoon but we sopped it up with pieces bread.



Mary’s cast iron chicken

I heard so much about the wonderful roast chicken that we had to get it. The chicken was moist and juicy. We dipped the dries in the pan drippings.

I wouldn’t mind going back soon because I want to catch the banh mi which sounds intriguing with gochu slaw (Korean hot paste cole slaw, perhaps?) and roast mushroom brioche box. I’m imagining a box made out of toast with lovely buttery mushrooms.

pot du creme

Dulce de Leche pot du creme


Could we do dessert after that rich meal? Sure, of course. Some were interested in the Dulce de Leche pot du creme but I was really curious about the Five Milks bread pudding

5 milks bread pudding

Five Milks bread pudding

I’ve heard of tres leches (3 milks) but what makes this 5 milks? It’s buttermilk, cream, evaporated milk, condensed milk and whipped cream. We joked the cream and whipped cream didn’t really count as two separate milks but it didn’t matter as the bread pudding was great.

I recognize not everyone has my taste and I should not read critics who seem the polar opposite of mine. Perhaps someone would agree with that bad review but the majority including myself really like Black Hogg.


Black  Hogg

2852 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026  —  (323) 953-2820

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