Sepia: My Favorite Dinner in Chicago


Upstate Lodgings

After thinking about the many meals I had in Chicago, my favorite dinner was at Sepia in the West Loop. To be entirely truthful, I had not really researched the restaurant before going in. I sometimes do that so I pick out dishes I want to eat rather than their best known dishes. I feel a restaurant should have a strong menu and not just a few strong dishes.

After settling into our cushy seats, we studied the menu and the enigmatic cocktails list. Like a few bars around town such as The Drawing Room and Sable, some of the cocktails had very fanciful names. I decided on Upstate Lodgings while my friend had Leap of the Creature.

Upstate Lodgings– Laird’s Bonded apple jack, Averna, Swedish Punsch, orange, lime

Leap of the Creature – Black Grouse Scotch, Cinzano Rosso, Rooibos tea syrup, Malbec, lemon, burlesque bitters

We liked our drinks but we loved our food.


grilled calamari with merguez sausage


The grilled calamari with merguez sausage is probably one of my top 10 squid dishes of all time. It’s definitely one of my favorites in recent memory. And the plating was so playful and gorgeous. I thought about getting another order.


robiola angnolotti


We also shared the robiola angnolotti. The soft cheese stuffed angnolotti were perfect with a few chanterelles and thyme butter. Simple but delicious.


Leap of the Creature




I know I really should not eat skate but I love it so much. Sepia did a wonderful job. I was greatly anticipating the fish dish I ordered.



redfish and boudin

redfish and boudin

The redfish! I am so glad I got another fish dish even though our whole order was heavy on the seafood. I could have gone steak or pork but I was a bit tired of meat at this point and knew we were heading to a heavy meat heavenly dinner the next night at Girl and the Goat.   I later commented to the manager how spicy the boudin was — and that I liked it. He crinkled his eyes and laughed at me. “That’s how we do it in New Orleans!” Ah, makes sense.

To accompany our mains, we got the sunchokes which were great. I loved this meal so much, I wanted to begin again. With a fresh round of drinks, of course. I have been recommending Sepia to everyone I know and hope to make it in on my next trip to Chicago.


123 N Jefferson St., Chicago, IL 60661  —  (312) 441-1920

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