New Spring Cocktails at One-Eyed Gypsy

Voodoo - with aggressive cilantro action

Voodoo Doll  – with aggressive cilantro action


One-Eyed Gypsy has some new tasty Spring cocktails on the menu. I checked it out a few weeks ago and particularly loved Voodoo Doll and Mickey O’Neil.

The Voodoo Doll (Sino reposado tequila, tangerine seranno chile syrup, lime, pineapple, bitters, cilantro). It was not just pretty but very refreshing. Our bartender Dane made liberal use of the cilantro garnish which one Instagram friend called “aggressive.”

Mickey O'Neil

Mickey O’Neil


If you want to swing towards whiskey, the Mickey O’Neil (Bushmills Irish honey whiskey, peach syrup, lemon and mint) was served up on crushed ice. I would almost call this tiki style but obviously without the rum.

Dane also did a fab cocktail on the fly with Fuji apples and the Bushmills.


Rye Bruja


We did start our night with the Rye Bruja (Bulleit rye, pineapple, ginger, lime, egg whites, club soda) and Gypsy’s Nectar (Haute vodka, guava, honey tangerine, lime, tangerine oils). I like a good fizz so I enjoyed my drink. I’m always fond of rye cocktails which in this case the spice went really well with the fruit and ginger. My friend liked her cocktail as well. She has been looking for more guava-flavored foods and drinks.


Gypsy’s Nectar


The Banshee

I really wanted to try the Cardoon (Wild Turkey rye, Cardamaro, basil, Pimento Swedish herbs bitters)  but they were out of Cardamaro so I went with the One-Eyed Hooch which is Dealer’s Choice and my friend went with the Banshee (Sailor Jerry, Lemon Hart 151, ginger, lime, ginger candy garnish).


One Eyed Hooch

One Eyed Hooch


That evening dealer’s choice was a whiskey and strawberry cocktail served on crushed ice similar to the Bourbon Street Fix (Maker’s Mark, strawberries, simple, lemon) but it had other fruits. I could really go for these crushed ice drinks in our warmer Spring evenings. The Banshee is also perfect for spring. Since it’s a mule, both these drinks went down too easy.

One-Eyed Gypsy has been doing interesting things with their kitchen lately. The Reuben Truck took over last month and now Top Chef Alex Reznik is in residence every Tuesday and Sunday in May. Check out a sample menu here.

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