Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine on Fairfax

veggie and meat combos

veggie and meat combos

Nyala is the first Ethiopian restaurant I ever went to. I’ve been going for over ten years and remarkably, it’s consistently good. I’ve tried all the other Ethiopian restaurants on Fairfax but I keep coming back to Nyala.

One of my best friends and I always get the veggie and meat combos combined on the same plate. We eat everything with the unleavened bread called injera. There’s salad on the platter which I just pick at with my fingers but I think they will give you a fork if you ask.

The veggie combo includes:

  • Yemiser Wot – red lentils
  • Kik Alecha – yellow split peas
  • Defen Yemiser Wot – bean stew
  • Yatakilt Wot – mix of carrots, potatoes, cabbage
  • Yabesha Gommen – collard greens


My favorites are the lentils, split peas and cabbage.

The meat combo includes:

  • Doro Wot – chicken
  • Yebeg or Yebere Wot – lamb or beef marinated in red wine and sauteed, a bit spicy
  • Yebeg or Yebere Alecha – lamb or beef sauteed in butter

I like the savory yebere wot (I’m fairly certain they give us beef- they never ask and we never specify). The chicken can be a bit unwieldy since they give you a leg and it can be awkward splitting it with other people.




I have tried other things including seafood but I always go back to the veggie and meat combos. You don’t think you’d get full but that injera bread is very filling. .


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Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine

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