Little Ethiopia: Getting the Super Combo at Messob

Super Messob Combo

Super Messob Combo


After I discovered my go-to Ethiopian restaurant Nyala closed, I’ve been on a mission to try/retry all the restaurants on Fairfax in Little Ethiopia. I recently went to Palm Ethiopian which isn’t too far from Little Ethiopia and back to Addis which was fine but just discovered a name change this past weekend. So, I’ll have to put that back into rotation after I re-visit all the others. Messob has always been one of the busiest Ethiopian restaurants which I take to be a good sign. They have traditional low tables in the middle but we opted for a good ol’ American table with sturdy chairs.

The three of us ordered the super combo which said could feed two. Actually, I think it’d be good for 4! We had thought to get one veggie combo and one meat combo but the super combo which combines both meat and veggie dishes was actually a better deal. Plus you get to try a lot more. There were two kinds of beef, lamb and chicken as well as fish ground with lime with injera. For the veggies, we see the familiar collard greens, split peas, lentils, cabbage with potato and salad. When you get a super combo, they double up on all the portions which is why I feel it’s best for four (or more!).

What I love about Ethiopian food besides eating with your hands is the food is always flavorful and feels inordinately healthy. I would have been happy with just the veggie options but am glad for a bit of chicken or beef (or lamb or fish!). Messob’s injera (bread) which is torn and used to eat the various stews didn’t leave a film like some spots’ injera.

Overall, we had a great time but the hunt continues. We’re eying Merkato or Rosalind’s across the street next.

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant

1041 S Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90019  —  (323) 938-8827

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