DTLA: Lunch at Secret Chinese Delivery

chicken dumplings

garlic chicken dumplings


I recently checked out Secret Chinese Delivery in Downtown Los Angeles. They took over the old soup spot, Soup Bazaar. I was drawn in by the lunch specials and mulled over my options. Secret Chinese leaned towards American Chinese but with a healthy twist.  I immediately wanted to try the eggplant and marinated organic tofu bowl but decided on the brisket and broccoli. I wanted to try a standard like beef and broccoli. We split the dumplings of the month to start. These were garlic chicken in a spicy oil though I probably would have gotten the pork and leek ones if my dining partner ate red meat.

kung pao chicken noodles

fried chicken kung pao noodles


She had the kung pao chicken noodles. I liked how well-fried the chicken were. And despite the spaghetti looking noodles, they actually did taste “Chinese” rather than red sauce Italian noodles. I liked how firm these thick noodles were as well.


beef and broccoli

brisket and broccoli


As mentioned I had the brisket and broccoli which turned out to be some nice sliced up Chinese broccoli. The beef was very tender but I wasn’t too sure of this “eco-farmed Lundberg white rice.” It wasn’t as fluffy as plain ol’ jasmine rice. But I suppose I can feel better this was better for the environment.

I’m really interested in trying more of the lunch bowls including the wok tossed chicken with spring onion salsa verde. The summer squash that goes with it sounds great. I also want to try the Chinese chicken salad and summer corn chowder which sounds like a great combo.

Secret Chinese also has a “China Burger” which I’ll probably try at some point. The foodies will probably want to try the cold preanut sesame noodles with chicken and kale. Or the bodega bowl with Nueske bacon and an over easy egg (#instagramfoodporn).

There’s even more to the dinner menu. I would love to take someone who’s into New York style Chinese food here to see what they think of the crab rangoon, Reuben egg roll, General Tso’s chicken, honey walnut shrimp and on-the-down-lo mein.

There are quite a few veggie options. I like the sound of the mapo tofu and Singapore noodles with chickepeas.  Plus I want to try the Chinese eggplant and chicken fried rice with schmaltz.

I’m so excited there are more DTLA lunch options!

Secret Chinese Delivery

199 W Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 628-3596
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