South LA: Lunch at Palm Grove Ethiopian

Veggie special combo

Vegetarian Special combo


Ever since I found out my favorite Ethiopian restaurant has closed, I’ve been on a rampage to reacquaint myself with the restaurants on Fairfax. However, I also wanted to branch out and try new spots outside of Little Ethiopia. Palm Grove is in Harvard Heights, about a mile from the University of Southern California and since I was on my way to the campus for an event, this made a convenient stop.

I was with my veggie best friend so we both ordered the vegetarian special combo. There’s another veggie special that’s slightly cheaper but we both love Ethiopian food and wanted to try more specialties. I can never have enough lentils!

This platter came with 7 different tastes plus salad. My favorites were the green beans, cabbage and the lentils that had been super tenderized. My friend enjoyed the lentils that were still distinctly lentils.




We could not stop eating the injera! Using the bread to scoop up the food is so much fun. We actually had to get more injera since there was so much food. I had plenty to take home to enjoy the next day.

I’m glad we found this little stop hidden away in the corner of a strip mall. Adventures in LA dining!

Palm Grove Ethiopian Restaurant

1905 S Western Ave.,  Los Angeles, CA 90018 — (323) 730-0994

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