Costa Mesa: Cocktails at ARC


Fighting Chance


I don’t head down to Orange County much but I was very curious about ARC which I heard was probably some of the best craft cocktails in Orange County. That’s high praise for a relatively newcomer to the scene. The small restaurant is almost all open kitchen. There’s a short menu and almost shorter cocktail list. It’s simply divided into classics and originals. I opted for the Fighting Chance after the bartender tried to get me to order a Fancy Free. I thought it was a bit weird they listed the Fancy Free as bourbon, cherry, orange. Perhaps they didn’t want to have to tell people all the time what maraschino is or what orange bitters are.

In any case, I wanted the Fighting Chance since I’ve been into Calisaya lately. The drink was very Boulevardier-ish but more mellow– just the sort of cocktail you want as you watch someone consume a burger a size of a soccer ball next to you.

Fighting Chance – Bourbon, Calisaya, Creole bitters


Number One


My friend had the Number One which I really enjoyed since Meletti is one of my favorite amari.

Number One – Amaro Meletti, Pimm’s #1, ginger

It was an one and done sort of night for me but I hope to make it back before a show at the nearby performing arts center. I’m interested in the crazy burger I saw as well as any pork dish they might serve. ARC seems like the sort of place where they don’t mess around with the food.


ARC Food & Libations

3321 Hyland Ave., Ste F, Costa Mesa, CA 92626  —  (949) 500-5561

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