Park City: Happy Hour at Butcher’s Chop House

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip

After our tour of the High West Distillery, we decided to get a meal in before we hit the road again. We checked out happy hour at Butcher’s Chop House.

They have a menu called the 5-7-9 which are wines for $5 and food for $9 all before 7 PM. Considering the weird blue laws we encountered so far in Utah, I was happy they discount drinks. Though I was warned to make sure I order food with my drinks. Though that law has been relaxed, it’s still good to hang on to the menu if you’re going to order drinks before food.

My friend asked about the Buffalo chicken dip which was a staff meal that everyone loved so much they put it on the menu. It’s basically Buffalo chicken wings in a dip format. Cubed chicken is folded into Buffalo sauce mixed with bleu cheese dressing and served with chip. I think this could be a good potluck idea.

Tempura green beans

Tempura green beans

As for drinks, I asked for a Boulevardier and as I recounted in my “how hard it is to get a drink in Utah” post, I was denied. Apparently you can only get cocktails with 2.5 oz of booze or less. And a Boulevardier is 3 oz. I probably should have asked for one with equal parts at 3/4 oz each of whiskey, Campari and sweet vermouth but after a couple of days of getting denied left and right, I just asked for a Campari and soda.

On the other hand, drinks seemed to be relatively less than other places. I heard our bartender upsell well whiskey to Bulleit for only a quarter more. Yep, twenty-five cents!

Besides the Buffalo chicken dip which I decided my friend could have it all, I wanted the tempura green beans and steak medallions. Butcher’s prides itself on being a steak and seafood place so I figured they’d make good sides and meat.

tenderloin filet medallions

tenderloin filet medallions

I did like the tenderloin medallions wrapped in bacon even if I felt like I was at a house party. And the green beans turned out to be our favorite dish at Butcher’s.

side of mushrooms

side of wild mushrooms

Then we went off the happy hour menu and got some salads and a side of wild mushrooms. My friend thought the side of mushrooms could have used more flavor but I liked them anyway. I was happy for the variety.

beet salad

beet salad

I would witness my friend ordering the first of many beet salads on this road trip. This was a fine version with goat cheese and pine nuts.

chicken salad

Butcher’s chop chop salad

I ordered the chop chop salad and was glad it wasn’t iceberg lettuce. There was a crazy amount of chicken and I ended up not being able to finish my food. Then again, we did have that dip, tempura green beans, steak medallions and mushrooms, too. I’m fairly certain we should have gotten a table but we like eating meals at bars.

It was a good day in Park City starting with brunch at Finca, walking around the Park Silly Sunday Market, High West Distillery tour and a then filling meal. But now it was time to drive hours and hours to Idaho. The Great American Roadtrip continues…

Butcher’s Chop House and Bar

751 Main St., Park City, UT 84060  —  (435) 647-0040

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