Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Lunch at Bin 22

Bin 22

Bin 22

On our last day in Jackson Hole, we were somewhat hard pressed finding something open early for lunch. I was almost ready to go back to Lotus Cafe or Local but we eventually made it to Bin 22 somewhat on the outskirts of the main town square. Bin 22 is a liquor and wine shop that also serves food. The menu seemed a bit more tapas style and I wanted a heartier meal. I eventually settled on a salad and grilled octopus. I also shared the burrata, meatballs and one of the special cheeses they had.

a little bit of cheese

a little bit of cheese

Since my friend was starving (or maybe because I’m slightly lactose intolerant), I let her have all the cheese. I took a nibble of the soft white cheese which Bin 22 just got in. I really liked the raisins which I called dried grapes for a while. They were just so meaty and large.

a lot more cheese - burrata and artichokes

house-pulled mozarella


However, I was all about the house-pulled mozarella. There were at least 5 options. We decided to get ours topped with proscuitto, artichoke hearts and braised escarole. It was a great dish with the proscuitto adding a bit more flavor to the cheese. The other combos seemed ideal as well including the smoked pancetta, English peas and roasted tomatoes. Or maybe I’d get the more classic Caprese with heirloom tomatoes.


Spanish salad


I was dying for some greens and ordered the vegetarian Spanish salad composed of arugula, fennel, Granny smith apples and Manchego cheese. I really enjoy eating “healthy” at times. The dressing was so clean and nicely acidic.

peach and proscuitto salad

Proscuitto and Peach salad


My friend had the more decadent proscuitto and peach salad. But it still had a light vinaigrette so it didn’t feel like an indulgence. Except perhaps the peaches were a luxury. They were perfectly ripe and I liked this take versus just wrapping cured meat around melon.


housemade meatball


As it turns out, when you order the meatball, it really is a big meatball and not several smaller ones. While I liked the sauce and the cheese, I thought it would have been better to have a sturdier bread to make a semi-sandwich out of– the buttered crostini didn’t hold up to the weight of the meatball.

grilled octopus

charred baby octopus


Any time I see octopus on the menu, I have to get it. You got quite a bit and I wasn’t sharing. Okay, I gave up one of my octopi along with some of the accompanying olives, beans and peppers. I thought about how great this would be on top of salad. I was still a tad hungry but thought I should wait knowing I’d have a big dinner that evening. Still, I should have gotten the grilled shrimp.

After lunch, we took a spin through the liquor store. Prices were rather reasonable given the location but I was warned to stay away from the Wyoming Whiskey. Apparently it was rotgut. I did try it later and I’d stick to the crisp white wine I got with my meal.

Bin 22

200 Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001  —  (307) 739-9463

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