Pasadena: Tasting Menu at Osek Korean Cuisine


tofu salad

I didn’t want to stray too far from Pasadena one night and ended up checking out the new Osek, a Korean restaurant in Old Town Pasadena. They claim to be the only Korean restaurant in Old Town Pasadena. They took over the old Yujean Kang’s spot.

Osek just introduced a tasting menu which is a good way to check out the various selections. It’s also a steal for $26 a person. The tasting is only offered at night for parties of 2 or more.

We started off with the Tofu Salad. The chilled tofu is served with a mix of Romaine, spring greens, tomato, cucumber with a sesame dressing.



Next we had japchae, the Korean glass noodles. I loved this was serving piping hot with a little bit of beef and vegetables. The sesame is very pleasant.


seafood pajeon


Who doesn’t love pancakes? What about a savory one filled with seafood? The Korean pajeon or what I call a pancake is one of my favorite foods. And this one had the most tender seafood. It was my favorite dish so far.




Next we had vegetarian dumplings called mandoo. These were fine though hard to impress after the spectacular pajeon.



banchan – side dishes


We were given a trio of side dishes to go with our meals. We shared the pork and beef. The other options include chicken or tofu.

grilled pork and beef

grilled pork and beef


The pork was our favorite of the beef and pork. The pork was slightly sweet and nicely spiced. The beef seemed a bit more steamed than grilled.

We ate the meat with a mixed grain rice or wrapped in lettuce leaves.

beef sushi

galbi sushi


Osek does a neat spin on sushi by offering grilled galbi (beef) sushi.


Korean sweets

Korean sweets


Our meal ended with a simple Korean cookie and what I wanted to call a rice crispie treat.




I loved the tea. And it was nice to enjoy it at our spot in front of the window.

I’d like to come back to try the tofu soup (soon dobu) and the dolsot bibimbap. It makes for a nice change of pace in Old Town Pasadena.


67 N Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103  —  (626) 644-1299
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