Beverly Hills: Cocktails and Dim Sum at Hakkasan

Smoked Negroni at Hakkasan

Armando Condway with the Smoky Negroni at Hakkasan

Hakkasan in Beverly Hills recently opened to much excitement. I had heard so much about the tasty food at other locations and was excited Los Angeles got its own Hakkasan.

There is a long beautiful bar against one side and an extensive cocktail list. Most of the cocktails can be found at each Hakkasan location but there are a few just on the LA list.

Smoked Negroni

Smoky Negroni


Opening bar manager Armando Conway introduced me to the Smoky Negroni. It’s a wonderful show and naturally, a tasty cocktail. The smoked Grand Marnier infusion  imparts a richer, more mellow flavor to the timeless Negroni. Sadly, Armando has taken a brand ambassador gig for Avion Tequila but the bar team is well trained. I watched another bartender work with an older guy at the bar on his selection of gin with ease.

The Hakka

The Hakka


One of Hakkasan signature drinks is the Hakka. It was too sweet for me but I can see its appeal. The frothy cocktail is one of their bestsellers.

The Hakka – Belvedere vodka, Tozai junmai sake, coconut, passion fruit, lychee juice

dim sum

dim sum


During the day, Hakkasan serves a wider array of dim sum. In the evening, there are two samplers to try including one that is vegetarian. We ordered the steamed dim sum platter that came with 2 each of the scallop shumai, har gau, Chinese chive dumplings and black crab dumplings. The black wrapper is dyed squid ink. I liked all of them but I liked the classic crystal shrimp (har gau) best. Later I had an opportunity to sample Shanghai siew long bao (xiao long bao/ juicy soup dumpling), daikon puff and many others. I wouldn’t mind coming back during the day for dim sum. Although the dinner menu also looks strong with the Peking duck with caviar.


Jing Jiu

One of the drinks unique to the Beverly Hills location is the Jing Jiu. Although a tiny bit sweet, I loved this cocktail and the dragon fruit garnish. It’s very elegant.

Jing Jiu – St. George Spirits dry rye gin, dragon fruit, lemon, rose syrup, mint

Corpse Reviver #2

Corpse Reviver #8


Hakkasan serves up their Corpse Reviver #8 in a great glass. I really liked the long stem of this coupe. Most Corpse Reviver variations I’ve seen are different base spirits. It was interesting to see the gin was still in place but instead of Lillet Blanc, you get Lillet Rose.  The drink gets an additional boost with jasmine and Prosecco making it an even better drink for brunch or daytime drinking.

Corpse Reviver #8 – Bombay Sapphire gin, Lillet Rose, Royal Combier, jasmine, lemon, Prosecco, atomized absinthe

Hakkasan is a welcome addition to this part of Beverly Hills. It’s nice to see refined Chinese food and cocktails together.



233 N Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210  —  (310) 888-866

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