Hollywood: Good Cocktails and Clubbing at Warwick

"bottle service" with a twist

“bottle service” with a twist

There’s an experiment going on in Hollywood- can you have good cocktails with fresh juice at a club? Warwick aims to answer this question.

The club offers “bottle service” in the sense you can order a bottle but instead of just juice or soda, you can have fresh squeezed juices and make cocktails beyond simple highballs. Hostesses will help you mix up cocktails or you can play mixologist. We tried Moscow Mules and there’s something about fresh squeezed lime and great ginger beer that makes the Warwick’s table side service even better. It also doesn’t hurt to sit by a cozy fireplace and look at all the art. Warwick is decorated with photos and paintings of nudes.

Warwick juices all their juice daily and they go through a lot of it. The cocktails were conceived by former Roger Room bartenders Damian Windsor and Jason Bran. Damian told me he can easily go through 5 cases of pineapples a day. They do everything in what they call the Workshop next door.


Warwick – do you recognize the “Blurred Lines” video model?

You can hang out in the more intimate upstairs space where people watching is easy with floor to ceiling windows or hang out downstairs. There are bars on both levels but I do recommend that customizable bottle service.



Blackberry Buck

I tried the Blackberry Buck. If we had more people we could have ordered this as the drink we could made for our table. But I’m glad to have one expertly made for me.

Blackberry Buck – bourbon, house blackberry juice, ginger beer

Orange Royale

Orange Royale


For fizzy drinks fan, I’d recommend the Orange Royale. I loved the blood orange juice in it.

Orange Royale – Cointreau, blood orange juice, Prosecco

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler


My favorite cocktail we tried was the Peach Cobbler. It had more of a kick from the cognac. I would imagine the cocktails will change as the seasons change. I played a guessing game to see what other fruit this drink would be good with and I think persimmon would be wonderful.

Peach Cobbler– cognac, peach puree, lemon, maple syrup

Warwick Cup

Warwick Cup


Pimm’s is always festive and the Warwick Cup is very popular.

Warwick Cup – vodka, Pimm’s #1, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, soda

When I was in my 20s, I didn’t think much about the craft behind cocktails. I went to clubs to dance and swig syrupy sweet drinks though I eventually fell into a vodka tonic rut. If there was something like Warwick back in the day, I probably would have became a cocktail nerd much earlier. Who says you can’t have a good drink at a Hollywood club? Warwick has solved this riddle.


6507 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028  —  (323) 460-6667

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