Hollywood: Wardrobe Change for The Warwick


upstairs at Warwick

upstairs at Warwick


The Warwick has redecorated. The club has maintained good drinks are a priority by keeping the bar team managed by Damian Windsor and Jason Bran. The difference though is the look of the club. The idea is to change it up every six months or so. Don’t worry, the huge photograph of the Blurred Lines video vixen is still hanging. But otherwise the rest of the decor has changed. The upstairs now has this Chinatown dive bar vibe and the downstairs has plush couches.


Lady from Shanghai


The menu reads like noir film titles. The popular Warwick Cup and Bellini are still on the menu. I started out with the Lady from Shanghai. The gin and young coconut water drink could be straight from a spa but instead was sipped in a sexy lounge.

Lady from Shanghai – gin, young coconut water, lemongrass, Thai basil, lime


Slightly Scarlet


I was talking to Jason Bran when he mentioned he really loved the Slightly Scarlet. The cognac and Campari drink goes for fresh ingredients like green grapes and taragon. If you want a less bitter Campari drink, go for this one.

Slightly Scarlet – cognac, Campari, green grapes, tarragon, lemon

Looking downstairs into Warwick

Looking downstairs into Warwick


Currently Warwick reminds me of a grand hotel lobby with a lot of mingling. It feels friendly to turn to talk to your neighboring couches.


White Heat


I love that the White Heat has jicama in it. Yet the tequila drink wasn’t a typical margarita. It’s very fresh and easily enjoyed as another heat wave hits LA.

White Heat – tequila, jicama, cucumber, cilantro, lemon


The Green Glove


Possibly my favorite drink of the night, the Green Glove combines bourbon and ginger and gets a boost of antioxidants with green apple and lime. Plus a little cinnamon adds a touch more sweetness and spice.

 The Green Glove – bourbon, green apple, cinnamon, ginger, lime


It’s time to head to Hollywood again and see the new duds Warwick is sporting. It’s quite the wardrobe change.



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