Oakland: The Fried Chicken Sandwich at Bakesale Betty

fried chicken sandwich

fried chicken sandwich

I had heard the rumors of the best fried chicken sandwich as a personal challenge to go and try it. While in Oakland, we went to Bakesale Betty and stood in a long but rapidly moving line. For just under $10, you’re awarded with a sandwich with perfectly crispy fried chicken. The sandwich is big enough to share but I got my own.

I chewed slowly, mulling over the chicken. It was tender and juicy without any grease. I figured it must have been brined. The coleslaw was tangy and just a bit spicy from the chopped up jalepeno slices. I really dug the slaw since I try to avoid mayo and this was a great, non-mayo based slaw. And the bread? Perfect.

Bakesale Betty started out as a bake shop with a variety of savory offerings as well but they’re now best known for the fried chicken sandwich. And that’s all they sell now along with cookies. And occasionally short bread. They tried to alleviate the long lines with another location but that didn’t take. Their fried chicken sandwich became so famous, others began copying it. You can always tell when they put jalepeno in their cole slaw.

There are a few cute ironing boards set up as tables on the sidewalk. Or you can take it to go. If we hadn’t shared an ironing board, I would have considered eating the sandwich on the street or in the car but it gets really messy with escaping slaw.

Bakesale Betty

5098 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94609  —  (510) 985-1213

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