DTLA: Going Italian at The Factory Kitchen

Soon to be Divorced

Soon to be Divorced

The Factory Kitchen has been opened less than 6 months and already they’re garnering attention as one of LA’s best Italian restaurants. Located in the Arts district of Downtown Los Angeles, restauranteur Matteo Ferdinandi and chef Angelo Auriana opened The Factory Kitchen as an Italian trattoria. The wine program is headed up by Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi and the bar is run by Karl Steuck.

We decided to get a drink at the bar before our meal but we had such a good time hang out there, we decided to eat at the bar as well.

A great opening drink would be Soon to be Divorced. Besides the fabulous name, the slightly sweet, slightly bitter cocktail helps open up the appetite.

Soon to be Divorced – Tequila, Campari, lime, agave, thyme

duck egg and speck

pancotto // duck egg and speck crostone

The vegetarian sitting next to me at the bar was fascinated by the enormous duck egg on top of my very meaty toast. He crowed rather delightedly when I broke the yolk to spill that glorious sunny yolk. If there was a veg version, I’m sure I could have sold at least a few orders after the little show at the bar.

Hey Now

Hey Now

Karl was working on a drink featuring Capurro pisco. He didn’t have a real name for the drink yet but I think it should be called Hey Now after the song. Hey now, hey now! Karl has made a chipotle marmalade to go with the drink. While I like the premise, I would like it either spicier or more tart. I’m not a fan of sugary sweet drinks so just a touch of simple in case the blood orange juice wasn’t sweet enough would have been fine for me.

Hey Now – Capurro pisco, blood orange, chipotle marmalade, lemon, simple syrup, bitters


ortolana // salad

After our rich duck egg appetizer, we welcomed the ortolana salad of goat cheese and watermelon radish with champagne vinaigrette. A long time ago, I gave myself free reign with veggies but I was actually getting full! It was like a never ending salad.

barrel-aged Martinez

barrel-aged Martinez

Karl is working on a barrel-aged Martinez. He had just put it in the barrel when I tasted it. I would say it’s about ready now.

Barrel-aged Martinez – St. George gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino, bitters

handkerchief pasta

mandilli di seta // handkerchief pasta


One of the most popular pastas right now at the Factory Kitchen is the Mandilli di Seta or handkerchief pasta with the Ligurian almond pesto. The pasta is carefully piled on a plate reminding one of a dropped handkerchief. If you love noodles, this is the most primal form- pasta and sauce. The bright green pesto is simply amazing.

Smokin' in the Boys Room

Smokin’ in the Boys Room

Smokin’ in the Boys Room – Vago Mezcal , Green Chartreuse, Contralto Vermouth Bianco, orange bitters


rombo // turbot

I asked co-owner Matteo about the entrees and mentioned we were in the mood for fish. He immediately suggested the turbot stating it was his favorite. The firm white fish was indeed flavorful. It was a good portion and just right after our delicious pasta.



To end, the best digestivo (digestive) for this Italian meal would have been just a bit of amari but I would also suggest the Factory’s SFactory 1923. It’s  a variation of a Negroni but instead of Campari, Gran Classico is used. It’s also a bitter orange flavor that is perhaps not as bitter as Campari.

SFactory 1923 – St. George Terroir gin, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, Gran Classico

The Factory Kitchen

1300 Factory Pl., Ste 101, Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (213) 996-6000

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