Las Vegas: Cocktails at the Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit


We made it off strip in Las Vegas the last time I was out there. I have wanted to check out the Velveteen Rabbit since they opened. Everyone* suggested it anytime people asked for bar suggestions and said it was one of the best bars currently.

VR definitely had a laid back feel. Far from the strip and even a bit off from Downtown Vegas, it feels like a regular bar you find anywhere. In any other city, this wouldn’t be unusual but in Vegas where one-armed bandits (and the two-armed kind as well) could make off with your money, this feels like a haven. No neon, no clanging machines.

The selection looked and so I took a look at the menu.




The bartender assured me the Nightlight wouldn’t be too sweet. Unfortunately for my neat whiskey loving heart, it was a bit sweet. I should have taken into consideration of the rum and the tarragon-fennel syrup. With either a touch more Aperol or less syrup, this would have been the perfect sour. However, others in my party liked my drink (just as I liked theirs more). It was definitely cocktail envy time.

Nightlight – light rum, Aperol, lemon, orange, tarragon-fennel syrup, egg white, pepper



Hatter’s Brew


I thought Hatter’s Brew would be less sweet but wham-o, I got hit again with the tea syrup. The rose wine didn’t do anything or the bitters but again, others liked my drink more than I did. There are other drinks with infused syrups I didn’t mind. I tried the Smokin’ Granny (mezcal, granny smith apple,  jalepeno-cilantro syrup, egg white, lime, curry bitters) that was really good.

The Hatter’s Brew – gin, Benedictine, maite tea syrup, lemon, peach bitters, rose wine

Perhaps next time I’ll stick with the house-made soda and spirit. Our bartender recommended lemongrass coconut soda with tequila.


Velveteen Rabbit

1218 S Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89104  —  (702) 685-9645

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* by everyone, I mean everyone!