Anaheim: Ramen at Orange Tei



After checking out Nepenthia, the craft beer fest, at the Anaheim Packing District’s Farmers Park, I went into the new Packing House. The Packing House just opened at the beginning of June and is aiming to satisfy any food craving you might have. There’s a juice bar, butcher, a couple of bars and a ton of restaurants. Not following the crowd, I ended up grabbing a bite at Orange Tei, a ramen and sushi shop.

I considered my options and talked it over with the cashier. She suggested paitan which is a chicken broth based ramen with pork. After waiting about 15 minutes, I got my bowl which was pretty fast since they told everyone in front of me the wait for food was at least 40 minutes.

I tasted the broth first. It was a bit oily and bland. Then I tasted the noodles. Those were definitely bland. But the worst offender was the pork which was paper thin but I didn’t mind that part. It seemed as if the pork had been cooked using the heat from a light bulb. Where was the flavor? Why was it so tough? Maybe I should have waited in those long lines for a porchetta sandwich or fish and chips or even Indian next door. Sadly, I kept eating my noodles but I didn’t finish the modest portion.

Overall, if I lived in the area, I probably probably be more upset. Instead, I’m wondering if they’ll get better since it had just opened a few weeks prior. But I’ll probably never know since I plan to get shabu shabu or a sandwich next time I’m at the Packing House.

Orange Tei

Anaheim Packing District

440 South Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805  —  (714) 625-8522
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