Silver Lake: Thai Food at Night + Market Song

oyster mushroom noodles

oyster mushroom noodles (khao soi jay)


Night + Market in West Hollywood has a new, equally hip sister; Night + Market Song. It’s been only opened for a few months but it’s packed every night. Song’s menu consists of favorites from the original Night + Market as well as even funkier and more daring dishes. Challenge accepted!

I wanted to get the Northern Thai chicken soup but it was sold out. That’s the tricky thing about specials. At Song, they sell out quickly. Our server recommened the oyster mushroom noodles which comes with a soup (and also vegan if you’re looking for that). We were looking for flavor and this had and then some. Featuring thick pieces of mushroom and tofu, the flavors of the pickled sour vegetables easily melded with the mild curry broth.


catfish larb

catfish larb (larb pla duk)


I know I shouldn’t love catfish as much as I do. The fish is considered dirty by some but it’s wonderful fried and as part of this catfish larb. Although the cabbage is meant to be eaten in between bites to take away the spice, I made mini “tacos” with the larb and cabbage leaves.


fatty pork shoulder (moo yang nom khon)


The super juicy pork shoulder had warning it’d take 20 minutes. It actually came out rather speedily. The non-spicy dish was welcome and it’s listed under grilled items and snacks. I may have confused this as it meant it was an appetizer. The portion is enormous. We had rice at this point but I liked it eat with the cilantro it was served with. Almost like a pork salad.


party wings (peek gai hey-ha)


Party wings! Party wings! Wings! With super crispy skin, these were definitely a party item. I wonder if N+M will cater my next Superbowl party? The sauce is great and not overly sweet.

I want to go back soon to try more noodle dishes plus get the crab fried rice. I also am intrigued by the section “stuff for dipping” section.

Night Market Song

3322 W Sunset Blvd.,  Los Angeles, CA 90026  — (323) 665-5899


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