Hollywood: Pork Shank at Night + Market

pork shank at Night + Market

I recently visited Night + Market with friends who hadn’t been before. We decided to get a mixture of my favorites from previous visits and the pork shank which I had heard so much about. My love of pork shank is well documented.

green papaya salad

I know it’s pedestrian but I love a good green papaya salad. Night + Market makes an excellent one.

chicken wings


What can I say? I’m weak and I love fried chicken. But actually, I wasn’t the one to order the chicken wings. I’m glad it was ordered though. They were crispy and I liked the dipping sauce.

hanger steak


One of the specials that evening was hanger steak (neun jim jaew). The grilled steak was served with the “jaew” sauce which is a dried chile sauce. I used this sparing with my makeshift beef wraps. Actually, it wasn’t that spicy (I say this now though I was probably sweating at the time).


When we asked about the whole fish, my table jumped at it when we heard it was branzino (the fish changes daily). You have two options; either get it salt crusted or deep fried and topped with “three flavors” garlic, palm sugar and chile.

As expected, the fish was very tender and I was grateful they deboned it at the table for us.


shrimp paste seasoned rice


I couldn’t help but get my other favorite at Night + Market, the shrimp paste seasoned rice. It’s just so addicting. Every bite is something a bit different.

Night + Market has opened their backyard herb garden and is doing a special wine dinner on Wednesday, October 10. For $49/ person, you get a ton of food including the chicken wings and shrimp paste rice! Plus, you get to taste 3 wines from Pascal Potaire. Read all about the sexy “panty remover” wines here. Reservations are recommended!

Night + Market

9043 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069 – (310) 275-9724

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