DTLA: Craving the Pork Shank at Bar | Kitchen

Kurobuta pork shank with spatzle and Brussls Sprouts


It’s no secret I have a love affair with Bar | Kitchen inside the O Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. I hadn’t been by in a few weeks due to the holidays and a recent spate of travel. I made it back last Friday with the intention of a quiet drink and dinner before a nearby Scotch tasting. Much to my delight, the cocktails list changed and there were some new food items. Would I get crispy beef tongue and farroto (roasted broccoli, aged white cheddar, crispy shallots) or perhaps the Kurobuta pork shank? I went with the pork because I’m very fond of spatzle.

It was…





One of the bartenders placed it in front of me with a smile and called it a dinosaur bone. Oh, absolutely. I don’t even want to know how many ounces was this thing. It was probably my protein allotment for the week. Since I was with my vegan BFF, I had to (HAD TO) eat all by myself. Yeah, I could have taken the leftovers (what leftovers?) but I’m sure the neighborhood cats would have followed me to the Scotch tasting.

Le Renard

It’s a good thing I had a cocktail to wash it down. I like Le Renard (rye, Meletti, orange, lemon, cinnamon, bitters). I also had the North by Northeast (raisin rum, aquavit, amaro, lime, Don’s Mix #2, honey). My friend had the Last Talkie (pomme eau di vie, lime, maple, dash of absinthe).

Now plotting when to take my pork lovin’ friends over to BK so I can share the porky porcine swinetastic joy. Or maybe I should keep all the piggies to myself.


Bar | Kitchen at the O Hotel

819 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 – (213) 623-9904