DTLA: Return to LQ at SK

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LQ at SK or Laurent Quenioux at Starry Kitchen is still going strong after 6 months. I took my fine dining partner to the Downtown Los Angeles pop-up a couple of weeks ago.


Amuse - Dolmas, Sujuk, Tongue Pastrami


We started with an amuse bouche of dolmas, sujuk (ground meat) and tongue pastrami. I was looking forward to this dish as dolmas are some of my favorite things. And tongue pastrami? Get out of here! Amazing.

Congee, Confit Pork Shoulder, Blackberry Molasses & Maple Syrup Glaze, Poached Yolk


My fave dish of the night was the congee (rice porridge). Growing up, congee was a staple at dim sum and both my grandmothers’ houses. It was the thing we got after coming home from a vacation. I love the Chinese pork and the 1000 Year Old version but Chef Laurent’s made this upscale and at the same time really accessible. My friend who is allergic to pork and hates eggs loved this dish as well. Darn, I thought I could steal her portion!

Haddock Potato Fritters, Fava Beans

I also enjoyed the haddock potato fritters. Loved how crazy the “tentacles” of potato look after being fried. There was also a bit of a pistachio paste on the plate which was sweet and helped cut the unctuousness of the fritter.

Belize Shrimp, Morcella, Endive, Kimchi Sabayon with Soju

My next favorite dish was the Belize shrimp and the blood sausage (morcella). My friend hadn’t had blood sausage before and I had great fun describing how it’s made to her. I liked the kimchi sabayon accent. It didn’t seem too out of place or “fusion-y.”

Brussels Sprout "Casserole", Cauliflower Emulsion, Onion Jam, Scottish Partridge

Our main course was the Scottish Patridge. I haven’t had this poultry (avian?) before. It’s not quite as tender as say quail but it has more meat! Great cauliflower emulsion and onion jam.

French Toast, Candied Foie Gras, Elderflower Syrup, Huckleberry Ice Cream

Chef Laurent said it took some time to get the foie gras to marry the caramel (shown as dots on the plate). I’m just glad to have a hunk of it on top of the French toast! I can get used to this savory dessert trend.

I’m looking forward to going back more often. At $45, it’s really the best tasting menu pop-up deal in town.


Starry Kitchen

350 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90071

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