Hollywood: Night + Market

In my continuing series of seeking non-dive Asian food*, I headed over to Night + Market to see what all the fuss was about. I should have known I would fall in love and my quest would be threatened. Previously, I’ve been to WP24, Red Medicine and Lukshon.

pig tails

While Night + Market’s chef/owner is young, his family has been in the restaurant business for several decades in Los Angeles. They started their Thai restaurant Talesai with several locations (but now just down to the Sunset Boulevard location). Late last year, they debuted Night + Market which is connected to Talesai via a curtain. The concept was based on Thailand’s night markets. With a passion for good food, craft beer and wine, Night + Market seemed like a modern foodie’s dream.

pork toro

pu pad pong karee- curried crab

Thai Boxing Chicken

We ordered up a slew of dishes. I had just had Animal’s pig tails and wanted more of this it meat (not that by “it” meat do I mean it’s going to replace marrow or even tongue). I loved the flavors but to be honest, I think I could have used a little more meat. Pig’s tails are pretty unctuous (read: fatty).

Of course, we had to have more pork fat, in this case, called pork toro (hog collar). I really enjoyed the curried crab because of the big hunks of lump crab. I had most of this to myself as others enjoyed the pork toro more.

One of our group asked about chicken and our server recommended the Boxing chicken from the regular Talesai menu. It was boneless and very tender.

sausage salad

beef grapow with fried egg

The sausage salad was sent out on the house. It was a very refreshing salad, with clean flavors. We couldn’t resist the beef grapow with fried egg. Actually, you can have anything with a fried egg for just an extra $2.

pad kee mao- drunken noodles with short ribs

kao kluk gapi - shrimp paste seasoned rice

I’ve been experimenting with more “top down” food shots. I’m not sure I like these pics but it gives a better picture of what was going on. The drunken noodles were served with the most tender short ribs. Everyone went crazy over the shrimp paste seasoned rice. The flavors were just so unexpected. I really liked mixing it all up with the tiny dried shrimp, the slivered mango, onions, cucumbers and rice.

ice cream sandwich

We thought we were too full for dessert but our server convinced we had to try their ice cream sandwich. The sticky rice is served between toasted sweet roll with coconut ice cream and mung beans. It was fantastic. Light, not too sweet and a brilliant way to end our meal.

Night + Market

9043 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 275-9724

** I have a lot of quests. I do also look for the best dive Asian eateries as well.