Hollywood: Library Bar at the Roosevelt

Matt Biancaniello

I first met Matt Biancaniello of the Library Bar at the Roosevelt at Test Kitchen last fall. At the time, I knew of the Library Bar but had not gone in. I told him I liked bourbon and he said I had to come in to try his mushroom bourbon cocktail. Considering I love mushrooms and I like bourbon, I was intrigued. Still it took some time for me to leave my beloved DTLA for the wilds of Hollywood.

Eventually I saw him again at the Table 20’s Best Bartender party where he was crowned king of all LA bartenders. It’s a fairly amazing story in this town of genius bartenders. Matt is a self-taught bartender and the Library Bar is his first gig. Now a few years into the job, he IS the Library Bar.

I went by one December evening and most recently a couple of weeks ago.

Winter Savory

Matt didn’t really have a name for this bourbon cocktail. He mentioned winter savory so that’s what I’m calling it. I also got to taste his rhubard infused St. Germain with lemon air. Back in December, I loved his cocktail “amuse bouches.” That’s when I learned about finger limes. Sitting at his bar, he encourages you to pick out stuff for him to create from.

We didn’t have much time to spend with Matt that Sunday evening. I was tired from walking cicLAvia  and super full from Night + Market. But like a Terminator Cocktailian, I will be back!

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Library Bar at the Roosevelt

7000 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028