Recap: Table Crush at Hamasaku and Crab Fest at Phorage




I was recently introduced to Table Crush, a dining club designed to match your taste buds to a spectacular restaurant. I joined the dinner at Hamsaku for some lovely sushi and Japanese food. There will be a Table Crush dinner this Wednesday at Phorage. Featured will be a menu of crab. Don’t miss Crab Fest at Phorage! 

Years ago, I ran a dining club and we went to a different restaurant every month. Table Crush reminds me of those days but it’s definitely more intimate. Your table will consist of a small group of food lovers. It was so much fun to talk about the upcoming food fests, new restaurants and chefs with people genuinely interested in food.

At Hamasaku, we started with sashimi of toro, akagai and suzuki. The akagai (arc/ blood clam) was my favorite. It was so flavorful. The toro (fatty tuna) and suzuki (sea bass) were also of very high quality. It was a wonderful way to begin.

clams soup

clam soup


We also had a light broth with clams. It was soothing and a nice pick-me-up.




I’m going to have to come back to Hamasaku just to sit at the sushi bar. After great sashimi, I expected the sushi to be excellent. We had tile fish, bonito and barracuda. I can’t say I had these before as sushi and so it was quite the treat. Usually I encounter bonito in dried flake form on top of shishito peppers.


shrimp boat


We also tried the shrimp boat (why does the Love Boat song come on in my head?) with both lobster and shrimp over thinly shaved cucumber. It’s basically shrimp salad tied together with sriracha and miso. Very fresh.


cod caviar spaghetti


One of the favorite dishes of the night was the cod caviar spaghetti. The pasta was perfectly al dente, rich and creamy. The cod caviar made it so decadent. I also enjoyed the strips of nori (dried seaweed) for contrast.


miso-marinated lamb


And who can resist lamb chops? This miso-marinated version at Hamasaku showcases the cooked food items very well. It was served with fava beans, pearl onion, maitake mushrooms and this nicely done edamame pea puree.

panna cotta

buttermilk panna cotta


There were a lot of oohs and ahhs over the buttermilk panna cotta. The smooth dessert featured strawberries in cognac, graham cracker crumble and I loved the blue berries.

We enjoyed our courses with a variety of sakes and wine. For the last course, the sparkling sake gave everything a peppy zip.

I’m coming back for that sushi bar!

Table Crush


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