SF: Breakfast at Homeskillet

99 Problems

99 Problems


My last breakfast in San Francisco. Where should I go? I wandered around Union Square and spotted a diner. Perfect. Stepping into Homeskillet, I realized I was in some sort of newish hipster diner. Though they described themselves as a “coffee shoppe.” Note the -e at the end of shoppe. Definitely hipster. Or quaint. But not in a bad twisty mustache way.

It still felt comfortable with people grabbing a bite before work and the types that look like they want refills all day. I ordered at the counter and got a cup of tea. You’re given a number and someone brings your food.

I sat by the window and contemplated my “99 Problems.” The Niman beef scramble with Vidalia onions, hash browns, jack and chedder cheeses plus plenty (and I mean plenty) of sour cream. It’s also topped with two sunny side up eggs.

As a friend on instagram said, 99 problems but an egg ain’t one of them. Indeed.

I think Homeskillet would also be a great place to grab a burger for lunch while shopping along and around Market Street in Union Square.



1001 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103  —  (415) 552-5509

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