West LA: Ramen at Tsujita Annex




When Tsujita came on the scene, legendary long lines kept me away from trying this ramen and tsukemen shop. Then they opened an annex shop across the street. I still didn’t make it in. Lines were still pretty crazy. Just recently they added to their empire by opening a sushi shop. That’s it, it’s time to try the ramen and then eventually the sushi-ya.

We went to the Annex hoping for a short line. It was short. Well, if you think 20 minutes is short. They took our order so it would be ready when we were seated.

I opted for the ramen with chasu (pork). My friend had the tsukemen, the so-called dipping noodles soup.

ramen with char siu

ramen with chasu


My ramen was sitting in the most fatty, unctuous broth I’ve ever had. And I love Daikokuya‘s broth, sometimes I even ask for the extra fatty back fat broth. Tsujita blows Daikokuya out of the water in terms of fatty globs slicked broth. Hell, I wouldn’t even call it broth. This thing is primordial soup.

The chasu were thick pieces and the only relief from this rich meal were the generous bunch of bean sprouts. I also had added a soft boiled egg. Not that you need it but I like an egg with my ramen. I added some spice and and set to work. And didn’t get very far. I had to take my leftovers home. I’m so glad I got the small bowl.

As for the tsukemen, I can see why some would prefer this style of noodles. You can control how much fat you’re eating and have soup when you want it. But I like hot food so even in the dead heat of summer, I will have soup. Still, the tsukemen was a better deal. You get the egg, lots more pork and the spice is already added. My ramen seemed more DIY.

I can’t wait to try the sushi next!

Tsujita Annex

2050 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025  — (310) 231-0222
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