Pasadena: Recap of the Aperol Brunch Society at Trattoria Neopolis

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz


The Aperol Brunch Society made its rounds this summer to select cities including Los Angeles. If you were lucky enough to be invited to the orange sunglasses crew and enjoy delicious Aperol Spritzes with brunch, you were part of a select group. Aperol plans to do more next summer around the country.

I joined the Aperol Brunch Society at Trattoria Neopolis, an Italian restaurant in Pasadena. I’ve been once before for lunch and was looking forward to brunch.


polenta, piggy and eggs


Chief Brunch Officer Nathan Hazard who also runs the fab Coconut Club invited me to join the Aperol Brunch Society. He had the polenta, piggy and eggs. I am going to order this next time. It’s a great fish and so filling. The poached eggs broken over the polenta and bits of pork and Tuscan kale is the sort of meal I would love (more of) in a bowl. They should serve this late night as well as a sort of breakfast any time meal.


lobster hash 


Is it time for another Aperol Spritz? It sure is! I had the lobster hash which can be a heavy dish with the potatoes and runny eggs. Luckily my Spritz helped lighten things up.

PS- if you haven’t checked out Nathan’s audition video to become the Chief Brunch Officer in LA, you should because it’s extremely funny!



Aperol Brunch Society

Trattoria Neopolis

336 S Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101  —  (626) 792-3000
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