DTLA: Happy Hour and Lunch at The Must

fig toast

fig toast


I’ve now been to the Must a few times since my initial visit this past summer. I decided I really enjoy lunch and happy hour there.

One lunch, we got the fig toast which was lovingly piled high with quartered figs. Like avocado toast, it’s not a difficult thing to put together yourself but I would have probably never have thought to serve it slightly spicy. Don’t worry, the goat cheese keeps it from burning your mouth.


My My My My Myyyy negroni

As mentioned previously, there are mixed drinks at this former wine-only bar. I opted to try their Negroni with mezcal float which is called the My My My My Myyyy Negroni. I like it. It’s the perfect compromise if you like both regular Negronis and Mezcal negronis.



For happy hour, there are sliders (schnitzel schlyydaaz). You can choose between chicken, mushroom or pork. We opted to get one of each. I preferred the more traditional pork schnitzel.


cauliflower soup


I always admire a well-made soup. The Must makes a great cauliflower soup that they told me was vegan. I had my doubts considering how flavorful and creamy it was but one of my friends who cooks assures me it’s possible after tasting it. Rather than debating, I just finished the soup. I may need the recipe. Or to go back soon.

cholo fried rice

cholo fried rice


There’s been a lot of media attention lately for the cholo fried rice. And it’s no wonder. Considering I will make fried rice out of anything in my fridge, I have to give The Must props for coming out with an entirely different flavor profile. I loved the carnitas (you can also get it with tofu), the pickled veggies and fried eggs. Plus it’s so spicy! This portion is big enough to share.

lamb jewels

lamb marbles


My friend wanted to get the lamb marbles with BBQ sauce which we found all right. The fried mint didn’t impart much flavor. I was however into the grits.

mac and cheese

mac and cheese


Then the Must comes in with two quick uppercuts to knock you out. Mac and cheese with crushed goldfish crackers was a winner. Perfectly gooey mac with a nice crunchy topping.


jalepeno hush puppies


Then we were let in on a not-so-secret menu combination. Get the jalepeno hush puppies with the chili. Oh wow, do I have to share these?

tater tots

smashed tater tots


The smashed tater tots were little frisbees of potato-y goodness. Served with roasted garlic ranch (ooh, fancy), these were handy for snacking through out the meal. After the hush puppies though, I started wondering what else I could put chili on. Yes… maybe next time I’ll get tater tots with chili!

I’d like to come back for lunch to try some sandwiches but that cholo fried rice is probably going to be a must-order every single time.

The Must

117 Winston St., Los Angeles, CA 90013  — (213) 628-2000
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