Silver Lake: Going Italian at Alimento

chicken liver mousse

chicken liver crostone


When I heard Chef Zach Pollack was scouting around Silver Lake for a restaurant location, I made a mental note to keep up with the progress. I didn’t actually get to Alimento until a few months after it opened but I’m glad I finally stopped by.

Early reports pointed to a delicious chicken liver crostone so we immediately ordered that. I liked the very generous portion and ordering extra bread (for a small fee) was worth it to get every bit of the liver. Be sure to add a bit of the preserves and a tiny sprinkle of salt for more bang up flavor.

farro salad

cracked farro salad


Chef Zach sent out a warm cracked farro salad which we rapidly devoured. The cheese is so good with this and there’s the perfect amount of crunch from the thinly shaved radishes.


veal tongue tonnato


I was immediately attracted to the veal tongue tonnato. Friends liked all the elements as individual elements but I found it all worked well for me as one bite- get a bit of the veal and add some pickles, lettuce and watermelon radish for a carb-free munch. It would go so well on bread though so I did save some from the chicken liver to create an open-faced sandwich.




Fans of salted cod will love this lovely warm baccala. My friend who joined me for this meal is an avowed Italian American food snob. He doesn’t like it. But when he read the menu, he pronounced it “authentic.” Well, if that’s the case, let’s say we’re in Italy enjoying this very comforting meal of fish and ‘taters.


tortellini in brodo


The tortellini in brodo is one of the most popular dishes at Alimento. Be careful, the broth inside the tortellini does tend to squirt a bit. We were also with a friend who compared these to Chinese soup dumplings. They’re not quite that juicy but it’s probably best to wait a minute or two before gorging on these soupy bits.

lamb neck

lamb neck al forno

Whenever I see lamb or goat neck on the menu, I have to have it. I didn’t even discuss this (much) with my table mates. Lamb neck al forno? Done, bring it!

Of course, we were rather full at this point so I picked off a nice little bite and we saved the rest to take home. I have a great lunch the next day. Always keep pita on hand for unexpected sandwiches.



chocolate caramel budino


We did get dessert despite thoughts of running to the nearest bar for an digestivo (Alimento only serves beer and wine) to ease the full tummies. One bite of the chocolate caramel budino did help to ease us to a peaceful slumber that evening. I may not be a sweets person (well, not obsessive) but I do like a good budino.

I can’t wait to go back to try more pastas and some of the other entrees like whole fish. Or just get a slew of all the small plates.


1710 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026  —  (323) 928-2888

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