SGV: Ramen at Foo Foo Tei




Ramen shops are popping up all over town and the newest location of Foo Foo Tei has opened in Alhambra. Located in the old Yazmin Malaysian restaurant, Foo Foo Tei also serves other Japanese food including izakaya, sushi and more home-style dishes. There’s a sushi bar in the back.

The ramen menu is quite extensive and reminds me a little of Koraku in Little Tokyo. Although Foo Foo Tei may be a little bit more modern with a nod to menudo ramen.

We started with an order of gyoza. They were very pretty with the legit gyoza “spider webbing” connecting all of the dumplings together. These were quite heavy and very meaty. There wasn’t much green onions or cabbage or any veggies to lighten up the dumplings. I liked them but would probably go with a different appetizer next time. In fact, maybe I would go with all sushi the next time I swing by the area for a movie at the nearby movie theatre. Or have Japanese grilled fish, gizzards and wings.


Nanchatte tonkotsu


My friend got the Nanchatte tonkotsu. It’s a creamy pork-broth based soup with sliced pork, fish cake and eggs. The broth can get heavy so you might be taking home leftovers.

tenshin men with crab

tenshin men with crab

When faced with a menu of over 30 different ramen combinations, I decided to go for tenshin men which is one of my favorites. Usually done with shrimp, Foo Foo Tei goes for crab. Too late did I realize they also mix in imitation crab. Still you get a massive omelet and a thick gravy with your noodles. I did add a bit of vinegar as I like some tartness to my broth.

Perhaps menudo ramen next time?

Foo Foo Tei

27 E Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801  —  (626) 940-5582
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