SGV: Curry Puffs at Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant

curry puffs

curry puffs

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant. With renewed interest in Downtown Alhambra, I thought I’d visit some of the long-time restaurants in the vicinity. I recently went back to Pho 79 and tried Indonesian food at Borneo. The go-to activity after dinner would be hitting up Rabbit Hole Bar, Alhambra’s only craft cocktail bar.

We started with the curry puffs which came with some delightful pickled vegetables. The puffs were like empanadas stuffed with curried ground meat.

fish and vegetables curry soup

fish, tofu and vegetables curry soup

At first I was attracted to the fishball soup but my favorite Malaysian place does the best fishball soup so I didn’t want to get disappointed. Instead, we opted to get the Curry Yong Tow Foo which is a curry soup with fish, stuffed tofu and vegetables. This would go great over plain white rice.


Mee Goreng

I can’t not have noodles at a noodles-happy South East Asian restaurant. We went with the Malaysian Mee Goreng which had shrimp, egg noodles and the most perfect looking hard boiled eggs I’ve seen in a while.


greens with shrimp paste

We also got some veggies. I opted for the “hollow stem” greens known as kang kong at Malaysian places. Some also call it ong choy,  water spinach or morning glory stems. They were stir-fried with garlic and shrimp paste.

Overall it was good but I still enjoy Little Malaysia in El Monte a bit more. I might have to go there soon to blog it!

Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant

27 E Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801  —  (626) 308-2036

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